I wanted to thank you and your crew of instructors for all of the classes you held in your Fire Training Academy. I wanted to let you know I scored number 1 for the Jersey City Fire Department civil service exam. Your courses in both the written portion for the entry level exam and the mock PT course that you run helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t have scored that high without going through your classes. I felt more prepared then anyone else going through the written and PT portion on the test. Thanks again for all of your help.
Joe Lancellotti, Entry Level FF
“I would like to begin by saying how grateful I am for the Fire Officers Training Academy. This training not only leaves you with the confidence and knowledge that is needed to become a great firefighter, but it also leaves you with great personal growth. Through intense training, the staff helps you identify your weaknesses so you can strengthen and overcome them in a manner that leaves you empowered. Their care, knowledge and passion that was given to me during this training left me feeling strong and limitless. They invite and encourage you to be the best that you can be and created an even greater desire to serve.
My sincere thanks and gratitude to Deputy Chief Paul Drennan and his extraordinary staff for creating and offering this great training. The Fire Officer Training Academy has not only left me with the confidence and desire of becoming the best firefighter I can be but it also taught me to be the best I can be in all areas of my life.

Domenico Monaco, Entry Level FF
I highly recommend attending Chief Paul Drennan’s Fire Officer Training Academy, Entry
Level Firefighter Preparation course for the written and physical examinations. Chief Drennan
and his team gave me the information and guidance I needed to succeed on my first civil service
examination. I have taken several classes through Fire Officer Training Academy to ensure I
placed well on the list, and their coaching and feedback lead to my success on the examination.
They give you the proper tools and information to studying, but it is important when you leave to
take the time and studying on your own. If you follow the Chief’s program and guidance you
will surely walk into the test with confidence. On numerous occasions I have called or texted the
Chief and he was always there to give me the proper information I was seeking. I would like to
thank Chief Drennan and the Fire Officer Training Academy team for their constant support and knowledge that led to my confidence and success.
Nick McGinley, Entry Level FF
I took your classes for the PPT and the CS Entry Level Firefighter Exam. I just wanted to check in and say thank you for the help with not only the test but also some background info on how Jersey City FD/Civil Service help vets with scoring and accommodations for active guardsmen. I ended up with a 91.86 on the test and am at number 8 on the list for Jersey City. I’m grateful for your help and also thankful to the other instructors in their assisting me with achieving my dream of becoming a firefighter in the best department in the state. So thank you again and I hope to see you on the job soon.
Tommy Welch, Entry Level FF
If you want a training program to prepare for a career in the fire service and want a group of professionals passionate and motivated to still continue to better themselves as firefighters as well as prepare you then you have no better option than the fire officer training academy ran by Chief Drennan. For a great price you will get the essentials in to prepare yourself for your test but as they stress throughout every class they teach it’s up to you to show you’re as passionate and motivated as them to not only use the tools given to you but to be the very best firefighter you can be to help your brothers and sisters in the firehouse. Choose Fire Officer Training Academy you won’t regret it.
William Gaskill , Entry Level FF
“I highly recommend Chief Drennan and Fire Officer Training Academy for that individual that is looking for that competitive edge over other test takers. The Firefighter Written Entry Class provided me with knowledge to succeed and gave me the tools to fully prepare for the written examination. Deputy Chief Drennan and his crew provided in-depth discussions and detailed explanations that were far better than any other classes offered. Additionally, Chief Drennan encouraged and inspired me to work hard and to study as much as I possibly could. On the day of the written examination, I felt confident and prepared and I wouldn’t be able to say that if it wasn’t for Fire Officer Training Academy.”
Again, I thank you for all your help and I am excited for what the future holds.
Kevin Krolick , Entry Level FF
“I would definitely recommend Chief Paul Drennan’s entry level class. His class gave me the tools I needed to prepare for the fire exam with confidence and ease. His staff was also very helpful!”
Dillon Geoghegan, Entry Level FF
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the motivation and information you and your team provided during both the test and physical prep courses I attended. Yesterday I checked the list and I scored 89510 and I am currently ranked 34th in Bayonne as a non-veteran.
I took your words about commitment and dedication to heart during the August prep class and studied for at least an hour and a half every day until I took the test.
Peter J., Entry Level FF
Chief Drennan’s guidance gave me the confidence and knowledge to come out top 3 in my department. With both the written/oral, him and his team help to break the material down in a simpler more digestible way, then go above and beyond to make sure you have a deep understanding of it all. Thank you for everything Chief and the whole Fire Officer Training Academy team!
John A
I was recommended to Chief Paul Drennan and the “Fire Officer Training Academy” from an officer of my department who previously scored #1 one both his 1st and 2nd level test. This is not a one day “run you through the mill” program. It is a full three day, highly extensive detailed class that is designed to have you start thinking on how you can format and answer any situational question that is thrown at you. Once you leave the class, it is up to you to practice, practice, practice. If you follow Chief Drennans program, study, prepare and again, practice, you will absolutely walk in on test day confidently knowing your are more prepared than the next guy.

And don’t think the guidance ends there. Numerous times I have emailed, text or called the Chief if I had any questions and he always immediately contacted me back with the answer or the thought process he used to deescalate the situation.

Right now I am sitting #1 for the first time with the #2 candidate several points behind me. I can honestly tell you that it would not have been possible if not for the guidance of Chief Drennan and his outstanding team. I would highly recommend this course for those that are not only serious about getting promoted, but interested in promoting yourself!

Rick Myers, Roselle FD
I’ve been a firefighter for 12 years. I took 2 promotional tests in the past. The 1st time I failed. The 2nd test I bought the books and did what I thought was studying. I passed the 2nd test but really didn’t do well. So this time around I decided to do whatever it took for me to do well. So I did some research and heard really great things about Chief Paul Drennan from Jersey City FD. I decided to take any and every class he was giving and it paid off. Chief Drennan broke down the books from the reading list and put it into real world scenarios. He wasn’t just like a teacher he became a friend and mentor. The Chief was always there to give me advice and to keep me on track. He stayed in contact throughout the whole process from the written test all the way until after the oral test. The Chief always made an effort to reach out whether through calls/emails and texts. One time he even called me back while he was on the beach in Florida with his family. His dedication is unmatched and his classes are worth every penny. I’m happy to say that this last test I came out number 4 and will be promoted.
Jason S.
I highly recommend Chief Paul Drennan and the entire staff at Fire Officers Training Academy for you promotional exam needs. I not only scored #1 on my first level Fire Officers exam but they helped me score in the top 20 in the entire state with perfect 5s across the board on my oral portion of the examination. I have recently been promoted to Captain in my department and truly feel I wouldn’t be in this position without their help. Chief Drennan gives you the tools you need to do well but like he states in every class, it all depends on the work you put into it. You need to be motivated and put in your own work in, 100%. He will give you the tools and knowledge you need but you have to put those tools to good use by studying, reading and practicing every day. Chief Drennan not only runs a top notch class but he keeps it real and keeps you driven on your goals. His motivation and his love for the job kept me hungry at all times. It’s great when you see an instructor who loves what they do, loves the fire service and who loves to see his students succeed. That’s the difference between this program and the others. Chief Drennan and his staff genuinely care for their student’s success. But like I stated earlier, you have to come motivated and determined because with their help you will succeed. Thank you again for everything Chief, especially you knowledge and your constant support.
Danny Arroyo Perth Amboy FD
I highly recommend the courses offered by Chief Paul Drennan. I have attended several of his courses in prep for both the written and oral testing for the 1st Level Officer exams. His first hand experience and individualized coaching and feedback truly aided in my success in passing both exams. By participating in these courses my ranking improved by 14 spots, ranking me #5 in my department, which will guarantee my promotion within the next year. Chief Drennan also made himself available for questions outside of the classroom, which is a testament to his commitment to his craft and the participants. Thank you Chief Drennan and The Fire Academy for the work you do to prepare Firefighters to become Leaders for tomorrow.
Thomas Perry
@Fireofficertrainingacademy had a great way of teaching the information. It’s definitely obvious that they are willing to give as much as someone is willing to put in. Their program really helped me prepare for a test that I’ve never taken before and feel confident enough to feel ready to take the promotional exam. Thank you DC P. Drennan and BC S. Drennan for all the time and hard work you put in to helping us.
TJ Fowler
I strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in being promoted to their respective next level. I’ve always taken the Captains test without ever opening a book and it showed on the list with me finishing in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. After I took this course I came out 8 on the current list! This system works! Chief Drennan keeps it simple at an affordable price.
Alejandro Cruz
Chief Drennan and his team have the promotional exam game figured out. They have broken it down into a formula that is easy to understand, and more importantly easy to remember when it comes time for test day. The great thing about it is that it can be used to simplify even the most complex scenarios. I can say from experience, (scored in the top 10%) Chief Drennan’s method and hard work are all you need in order to perform well on these promotional exams.
Ian Rooney
If you’re looking to get promoted and take your career to the next level, I HIGHLY recommend attending the written/oral classes that are offered… they’re awesome! Not to mention, the staff is full of knowledge and always willing to help. I placed #4 on my Captain exam (Newark) and I have to give a GREAT THANKS to the Fire Officer Training Academy. You guys are great, keep up the good work!
Na'eem H. Newark Fire
It is clear that I would not have done nearly as well as I did on the promotional oral exam had it not been for Chief Drennan and everyone at Fire Officer Training Academy. There is no magic pill to become great at the exam. It takes time and hard work. If you are willing to put in the work, Fire Officer Training Academy will give you all the tools to make sure you are ready for anything on test day. I was fully confident going into the test. There wasn’t a scenario I wasn’t prepared for and have Chief Drennan to thank for that.
Greg Corcoran
As a student of the Fire Officer Training Academy, I can confidently say that if you want to come out at the top of your list, studying with Chief Drennan is the only way to go. Between the written breakdowns and oral classes, this is the best way to set yourself up for success. As #1 on my Lieutenant list, I am proof that the FOTA works.
Kevin S.
Paul Drennan and his crew are the best! Chief teaches with a style all of his own. A style that clicks! A no nonsense approach to commanding your future!
I can’t tell you how many times I called Chief on his personal phone, on his personal time, and we talked scenario’s, size up and about anything I needed to hear.
You’re not another number, another filled spot to Chief and his crew! They care more about your future and promotions than you could ever imagine.
Personal one on one classes to prepare you for the oral exam, to cut your nerves and hone your skills. Just like the oral test, Chief and his crew are all 5’s!
Being the Jr guy testing for his department, with barely any, actually the minimum seniority points taking my first test, I came out #2 out 6 who completed both phases. All with maximum seniority points. While only a few points separate me from #1, we both studied with Chief and his crew
William Benkovich
I can’t thank you enough for all of your help! Because of you I was motivated, prepared, and confident the days of my test. As a result I came out #2 on my Lieutenant’s list and will be getting promoted next week. To anyone reading this, if you are serious about moving up in your department you need to go to Fire Officer Training Academy. Put in the hard work and you will get promoted. “The time for half measures is over!”
Pete P.
Chief Drennan and his team were instrumental in helping me prepare for my first promotional exam. From the book breakdowns to the oral exam prep or just the motivational e-mails that I would get during my study time really made a difference. I highly recommend his classes, they give you the tools to answer the questions put in front of you. Because of the tools provided and copious amounts of studying I’m sitting number two in Elizabeth with seven years on the job. Thank you Chief!
Patrick Wirkus
This was my first oppurtunity to take a promotional exam for my
department. Over the past 5-10 years my department has seen a
turnover in manpower. Most of the senior officers and firefighters
have retired leaving 3/4 of the department eligible to take the exam
if they elected to. Knowing that the competition would be fierce I
knew I needed an edge. A few of my friends from other departments who
have recently gotten promoted spoke very highly of the program and
told me it was going to be worth it. I first took the written prep
class that was offered, knowing that I never was a good test taker I
was skeptical of just how much it was would help. When I took the
written test in November I left feeling like I had failed. When the
results came out several months later I was floored to find out I had
gotten 60/75 questions correct, a top score shared by one other person
in my department.

After seeing this score getting promoted became that much more
possible. I immediately contacted the Drennans for the oral test
prep. Their working knowledge of how the exams are administered in
New Jersey gave me a very serious competitive edge. I attended every
class they offered, and even personal 1 on 1 sessions. The 1 on 1
sessions set me apart from those who didn’t elect to take it. They
were worth every cent. They showed me not only what to say, but how
to say it. I learned that answering the question, and preforming the
assigned task was may more important then saying everything you can
think of in the allotted time. In the end I came out #3 overall for
my department and have a very realistic chance of getting promoted
within the cycle. I would highly recommend taking this class and any
class offered for those who are serious about giving themselves the
best chance of getting promoted. I will certainly be attending more
classes as my career and hopefully my rank continues to grow. The
results speak for themselves, nothing left to say other then these
guys are the best. Others may state that, but these guys back it up
100% with the results of those who take their classes.

Bottom line, you want to get promoted. Take. Their. Classes.

Mike Pirozzoli
I would like to thank Chief Drennan because without the Chief I would have never done as well as I did. I took your written mock test and oral preparation class with your instruction I was able to come out number 1 on my department’s promotional list. I been on the job 5 years and this was my first promotional exam. I was able to beat out many others with alot more seniority than I. Hence forth I know what you guys are probably thinking why I should I choose Fire Officer Training Academy and I would be the first one to tell you because it works hands down. The proof is in the numbers of people who use this program and get promoted. Chief Drennan and his team are not like the others out there. Some instructors out there talk as they’re just smarter than you and their teaching method it kind of condescending. Chief Drennan’s approach is simple and easy to understand which gives the student confidence that he/she will do well; as long as you put the work in. Chief Drennan is very knowledgeable about the key concepts that test administrators are looking for. He is also willing to help you outside of classroom setting as well. I even called him to discuss things I didn’t understand and he patiently answered all of my questions. Who does that? No one other than Chief Drennan….. Remember the hungry man gets the sandwich! So ask yourself how hungry are you to get promoted? How bad do you want it?
D. Sanchez East Orange Fire Dept
I would highly recommend Chief Drennan and Fire Officer Training Academy! I came out #2 on a very competitive list and I owe it all to them. Yes I put in a lot of time and hard work but Chief Drennan and staff gave me the tools I needed to be able to succeed. For the written part of the test, they have classes that literally break down every book, chapter by chapter. The practice exams are treated just as if it were test day. They say, “You play like you practice!” They also prepare you for the oral like no other class out there. You literally get the answers to the test months before the oral!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking one on one sessions with Chief Drennan as well. By the time the oral test came around, I knew there was nothing they could throw at me that I wouldn’t hit out of the park because Chief Drennan set me up to win giving me every possible scenario! Not only do you get everything you need to succeed but Chief Drennan and staff actually CARE. They are so passionate about helping us succeed. They want it for us as much as we do! As long as you put in the time, there is no doubt in my mind you will be at the top of any list if you take advantage of all the classes they offer!!! Thank you again Chief. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today!
Alain Amaro
I would like to thank you for giving me the tools I needed to be so successful on my promotional exam. With your help, I was #1 by more than 5 points. Your system and guidance truly gives candidates the tools they need to be successful on any exam. I would highly recommend that any prospective candidate take your class and they will see results!
Hi chief. My name is steven Cuco from the Linden Fire dept. I had taken several of your classes for the LT exam, including a private session at your home. I am writing to let you know that I cane number four on the list for Linden! Actually, four out of the top seven all attended your classes!
So I would just like to thank you for all of the help and informative classes!
Steven Cuco
Deputy Chief Drennan’s classes are informative with great information. He has an outstanding staff of professionals where you will learn a lot to help you in your future.
Can’t even begin to express my gratitude… # 2 on the list for Morristown..
I will most certainly use and refer your program to any firefighter looking to further their career.. thank you again..
Sean McDonough
Hello chief,
My name is Joe Critchley. I’m currently a fire fighter in Bloomfield. I took your written mock test class and oral preparation classes. I just want to say thank you very much. With your classes, the oral preparation class especially, I was able to come out number 1 on my departments list. I am on the job 7 years and this was my first promotional exam. I was able to beat out over 25 other guys many with alot more seniority than I have. Your oral preparation program was flawless and I believe is what gave me the necessary tools to have the results I did. So again I just want to say thank you very much because I truely believe without your program I wouldn’t have had the results that I did. If you ever need a strong endorsement this is mine right here. Thank you.
Joe Critchley
I’d like to thank you and your fellow instructors for the mock PPT course you guys put together in Jersey City last month. Yesterday I got a phone call from the Director congratulating me on becoming a City of New Brunswick Firefighter. You guys just weren’t in it for the money making aspect, you truly wanted to see your students get on the job. Again thank you very much and I look forward to taking more classes with you and your company.
Derek J Merrill
Going to Chief Drennan’s classes was the best choice I made in preparing for my promotional test. Chief Drennan is knowledgeable and approachable. His methods are direct and to the point and will leave you with a clear cut understanding of how the test works and how to excel taking it.
Kyle C
This class is the best class out there. They will motivate and prepare you for everything the CSC could throw at you. I owe them everything for helping me get my priorities straight and to focus on the “Sandwich” Paul Drennan. #1 NHRFR.
Mike M.
From an older dog who’s been through the the test many times unfortunately, Chief Drennan’s class is second to none. He helped organize my test answers. He puts the answers in layman’s terms which make its easier to remember. The current list I have scored the highest of all my past scores with his help.
Justin S.
I can not stress the importance of taking Chief Drennan’s promotional classes. The guidance and expertise that he provided was profoundly useful. His teaching style was very effective, and allowed me to go into the exam with the confidence I needed. #1 EFD.
Thomas K.
I would not be in the position I am in right now on the list, without the help of Chief Paul Drennan. It’s an easy to follow no nonsense approach. “the hungry man gets the sandwich”.
Joe D.
Chief Drennan,
My name is Juan Palleija. Thanks to your instruction, I am now a Captain N.F.D. I have taken the exam for captain at least 5(?) times. Each time
I failed miserably. I placed one time, # 74. Not good. My mind was just not into it. Your enthusiasm lit a spark and motivated me to learn the material you and Mr. Carbone taught. I hoped to do well as I have six years to retire. Never did I expect to place # 2 and # 1 in the State and City of Newark respectively. Everyone asks how I did it. I mention your name and direct them to your web site. I do so because I believe you have a gift to inspire others. That is what I tell anyone who will listen. I know now I had it in me to do well. I just needed the key to unlock the door. And you Sir, provided that key. Thank You.
I would like to know when you plan to do a Battalion Chief preparatory exam. With His Grace and your instruction, I believe I may do well, again.
Juan Palleija
Yesterday November 21,2017 I was promoted to Captain of the Jersey City fire department. It was by far the proudest day of my life. Taking Chief Paul Drennan‘s classes allowed me this unbelievable opportunity. He motivated me every day to study and to realize that anything is possible through hard work. Because of his teaching I scored a perfect score on the oral . It was by far the most educational experience I’ve ever had in my life . His knowledge of the fire ground is unparalleled .His experience with these tests Go back over 20 years and no one can educate you on how to perform to the best of your ability then him . I owe it all to him It for this promotion . I am eternally grateful and proud . I tell everyone you have to take his classes if you want to get promoted period . As he would say be brave and courageous !!! Step up cease the opportunity and get promoted . Don’t wait sign up today , you will be thankful you did .
Joseph S Carter Jr . JCFD Captain