Oral and Written Preparatory Classes

Our Written Classes cover in detail all the Civil Service book-reading lists and much more. In our Book Breakdown Classes, we breakdown the books chapter by chapter with a power point presentation. You will receive an outline of the presentation, multiple study guides, and a written test of the book to monitor your progress.

In our Mock Written Exam Classes, we administer the exam to mimic the way the Civil Service does it on exam day. After the exam we go over it with the class not just for content but for insight on taking written exams, we do this to increase your odds of getting every question correct. 

The Fire Officer Training Academy’s instructors know the Oral Exam separates you from your competition. We teach you a systematic and highly organized strategy of instruction that prepares you to answer ANY questions, for ANY exam, ANYWHERE. Our exercises give you the opportunity to hear how the instructors answer the scenarios so you can see and hear, how awesome you can become at an Oral Presentation. These Oral Classes will easily help you overcome your fears in front of the camera and talking in public. You will learn the organization, templates, and structure that will enable you to speak with confidence and hit all the mandatory bullets to increase your chances of getting a perfect score.

Our classes will teach you to become great test takers and excel on your exams but MOST importantly you will become highly qualified, competent Fire Officers. Unlike our competition, we are always accessible to our students. We have a personal investment in each student’s success to go above and beyond what is taught in the classroom to help him or her achieve their career goals. See testimonies and student results, the proof is in the promotions.