Written Classes & Physical Performance Testing



Our Written Classes will focus you in on the most updated Civil Service information and recent exams. Our Firefighter Entry Book Class teaches you ALL the categories that will be on your written exam; deductive reasoning, number facility (math), spatial orientation, written comprehension, written expression, behavioral-orientation (personality profile) and much more. In the Book Class you will receive a Complete Book with all the categories and numerous sample scenarios and questions. In our Firefighter Entry Mock Exam Classes, we administer the exam to mimic the way the Civil Service does it on exam day. After the exam we go over it with the class not just for content but for insight on taking written exams, we do this to increase your odds of getting every question correct.

All of our instructors know the importance of the written exam and that our students will be ranked according to their results. Our classes will teach you to become great test takers and excel on your exam, but MOST importantly you will become highly qualified, competent Firefighters. Unlike our competition, we are always accessible to our students. 

We have a personal investment in each student’s success to go above and beyond what is taught in the classroom to help him or her achieve their career goals. See testimonies and student results, the proof is in the hiring.

We set up Physical Performance Practice Tests (PPT) ONLY 2 to 3 times a year. We set it up just like the civil service does on exam day. We have the obstacle course, the ladder climb, and the darkened maze. This is a rare opportunity to work out your kinks to see what your strengths and weaknesses are before your actual Physical Test; this gives you time to improve before your actual physical test. Your confidence will soar!

All of our instructors are Firefighters and Fire Officers that will train and educate you. They will encourage, teach, motivate, and inspire you to live up to your full potential.