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Addendum/Booklet Class

 August 6th


NJ FF NEW Skills Addendum & the 3 Booklets:


Booklet#9: Incident Management Standard Operating Guidelines

Booklet #10: New Jersey Personnel Accountability System

Booklet #12: Rapid Intervention Crew Training Guidelines


  • You will learn the dangers of electric, gas and carbon monoxide and how to mitigate problems caused by them. We will also cover firefighter mayday and urgent procedures.

  • We will breakdown the FF Skills Addendum and the 3 booklets. You will receive an outline with all possible questions and answers that can be on your exam.  We will give you a test for each booklet with all possible written exam questions.

  • Oral Presentation Scenario

  • Instructors: DC Paul Drennan & BC Stephan Drennan


Price $200

     Location TBA

Reserve your spot now…Limited seating available




Any questions please contact:

Deputy Chief Paul Drennan JCFD 732-779-9214 paul@fireofficertrainingacademy.com

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