I’d like to thank you and your fellow instructors for the mock PPT course you guys put together in Jersey City last month. Yesterday I got a phone call from the Director congratulating me on becoming a City of New Brunswick Firefighter. You guys just weren’t in it for the money making aspect, you truly wanted to see your students get on the job. Again thank you very much and I look forward to taking more classes with you and your company.
Derek J Merrill
Going to Chief Drennan’s classes was the best choice I made in preparing for my promotional test. Chief Drennan is knowledgeable and approachable. His methods are direct and to the point and will leave you with a clear cut understanding of how the test works and how to excel taking it.
Kyle C
This class is the best class out there. They will motivate and prepare you for everything the CSC could throw at you. I owe them everything for helping me get my priorities straight and to focus on the “Sandwich” Paul Drennan. #1 NHRFR.
Mike M.
From an older dog who’s been through the the test many times unfortunately, Chief Drennan’s class is second to none. He helped organize my test answers. He puts the answers in layman’s terms which make its easier to remember. The current list I have scored the highest of all my past scores with his help.
Justin S.
I can not stress the importance of taking Chief Drennan’s promotional classes. The guidance and expertise that he provided was profoundly useful. His teaching style was very effective, and allowed me to go into the exam with the confidence I needed. #1 EFD.
Thomas K.
I would not be in the position I am in right now on the list, without the help of Chief Paul Drennan. It’s an easy to follow no nonsense approach. “the hungry man gets the sandwich”.
Joe D.
When I first began studying for the promotional exam, I quickly realized what a daunting task lay ahead of me. However, Chief Drennan’s classes were informative and broke the material down in a concise and well organized manner. Enrolling with Chief Drennan, a true mentor, is an unequivocal investment in your future.
Justin F.
The class is very informative. This class gives you everything you need to succeed on the promotional exam.
Bela V.
Paul Drennan is the best promotional mentor you will find!
Thomas B.
Chief Drennan,
My name is Juan Palleija. Thanks to your instruction, I am now a Captain N.F.D. I have taken the exam for captain at least 5(?) times. Each time
I failed miserably. I placed one time, # 74. Not good. My mind was just not into it. Your enthusiasm lit a spark and motivated me to learn the material you and Mr. Carbone taught. I hoped to do well as I have six years to retire. Never did I expect to place # 2 and # 1 in the State and City of Newark respectively. Everyone asks how I did it. I mention your name and direct them to your web site. I do so because I believe you have a gift to inspire others. That is what I tell anyone who will listen. I know now I had it in me to do well. I just needed the key to unlock the door. And you Sir, provided that key. Thank You.
I would like to know when you plan to do a Battalion Chief preparatory exam. With His Grace and your instruction, I believe I may do well, again.
Juan Palleija