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Book Breakdown 1 Day Class

John Norman’s Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics 5th edition

This is a 1 day class offered on the following dates:

(Please choose date at check out – Due to COVID-19 restrictions we will close class dates once they meet the guidelines of room capacity)

July 9th Location TBA    

 9:30am – 5pm


This 1 Day Written Prep Class will include:

    • John Norman’s Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics Breakdown 

    • Vincent Dunn’s 8 Step Collapse Rescue Plan

    • You will be taught by a Chief Officer with 40 years in the Fire Service and over 40 years in the Construction Trade 

    • Practice Test Q&A

    • Brief Overview of Oral Exam

      Instructors: BC Stephan Drennan & DC Paul Drennan


We will help you get through the book:

          Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics by breaking it       

down chapter by chapter.


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