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Captain/Lieutenant 3 Day Written/Oral Course

Feb 10th, Feb 19th & March 1st


Secaucus Location


This thorough course is designed to organize, simplify, and get you pinpoint accurate for your upcoming Written & Oral Exams

You will receive all necessary study guides, simple power-point breakdowns, mock exams, and written outlines.

  • We will cover all Civil Service recent changes

  • We will show you how to answer any oral questions in a simple Step by Step organized way to ensure you sound professional and competent.

  • You will receive all necessary Simple Oral Study Guides and Templates.

  • Instructors: DC Paul Drennan, BC Stephan Drennan & BC William Raleigh

Our main purpose is to get you to the top of your list and more importantly for you to become competent Fire Officers.



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